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 About Pierre Finkelstein:

Pierre Finkelstein is a 1986 Gold Medal graduate of the Van Der Kellen Painting Institute in Brussels. Four years later, was awarded the very prestigious award as the “best craftsman in France” in 1990 from his native land. His interest and skill brought him to New York City where he has owned Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, Inc. for over 20 years. In that time, he has created faux finishes for internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects worldwide.

Pierre Finkelstein creates photo realistic faux finishes, faux marble and woodgraining, intricate glazing, 18th and 19th century patinas, gilding, handmade plaster finishes, ornamentation, custom-cut stenciling and architectural trompe l’oeil for internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects.

Pierre is the author of the widely sold book, The Art of Faux, which is one of the most comprehensive guides for real decorative painter’s in the professional “real” world. He also detailed quality production finishes in his first book; Recipes for Surfaces which has given many the confidence to tackle most projects. Pierre continues to teach students through Pierre Finkelstein Institute of Decorative Painting, Inc. and strives to provide the best brushes, and tools through


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