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Faux Marble Baseboard to Match a Mantel

A fantastic way to improve a living space is to paint a faux marble baseboard to match an existing mantel.  Pierre Finkelstein of Grand Illusion Decorative Painting explains why below.


On many interior projects that GIDP does, there is an existing mantel that is the centerpiece of the room.  Oftentimes, the marble or stone mantel has a variety of colors and character that must be respected.

In Pierre’s experience, the painted finishes on the walls and millwork must work with the mantel – especially if it is dramatic and outstanding.  One of his favorite ways to bring a marble or stone mantel into the room is to paint the baseboard to match the mantel.

On all of these pictures below, the mantel is real marble and the baseboard is painted to match.


All painted finishes are completed by Pierre Finkelstein’s company, Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, Inc.

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