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Lambs Tongue

Learn more about a lambs tongue, an architectural element featured in the trompe l’oeil ornament technique. 


The lambs tongue is the perfect example of how all classical ornaments find their roots in nature. Whether flora or fauna in antiquity, the terminology of the ornamentations were determined by their physical appearance and copied. This example appears as it sounds in the shape of a lambs tongue.

It is not a stand-alone ornamentation but is used to accompany a more detailed ornament. It is typically used as borders, or often the lower part of a complex molding or crown. The direction is always pointing down or towards the inside of a panel.


Egg and dart paired with lambs tongue.  Pierre Finkelstein used lambs tongue because it is fairly easy to paint and has a low profile yet, still looks decorative. It makes for a great filler to accompany more complex ornamentations and is also great for frames.

Lambs tongue pounce made for a trompe l’oeil ceiling mural.