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Order to Paint an Entire Room

When you are looking at a large room and say, “where do I begin?”, this post will tell you in what order to paint an entire room.  Pierre Finkelstein of Pierre Finkelstein Decorative Painting explains this below.

On this diagram above, the numbers correspond to the correct order to paint a typical room.   Most rooms will not contain all of these elements.   Your average room has at least, ceiling, walls, baseboard, door casing, and crown molding.

This order is based on providing a fast and quality paint job.  This method also refers to decorative painting techniques such as woodgraining (see post on woodgrain layout) and strie.


  1. Ceiling
  2. Wall and Crown molding: Including elements such as wall panels, door panels, dado, and frieze
  3. Short rails:  as on doors, under chair rail  &  Stiles that run between large wall panels
  4. Long stiles and rails
  5. Connecting stiles and rails  &  door casing rail
  6. Outer stiles on walls  & door casing stiles
  7. Baseboard  &  Chair rail